London and "Off Stage"

London heading in to ATP via Taunton train as well as a taste of the scene at Butlins chalet livin inside and out. Plenty of randomness, back stage fortune telling, and bowling.
Friday Performances

Nurse with Wound, Family Underground, Flipper, Melvins, Richard Youngs, Dead Machines Bardot Pond, Prurient, Islaha, Charalambides, Sonic Youth, Iggy and the Stooges
Saturday Performances

Wooden Wand, New Blockaders, Hair Police, Double Leopards, Lambsbread, Corsano Flaherty Yeh, MV+EE with the Bummer Road, Comets on Fire, Dinosaur, Gang of Four, Sun City Girls, Magik Markers
Sunday (part 1)

Major Stars, Bark Haze, Aaron Dilloway, Notekillers, Awesome Color, Wolf Eyes, Monotract, Negative Approach(guests!)
Sunday (part 2)

Six Organs of Admittance (with Rick Bishop), No Neck Blues Band, Sunburned, Be Your Own Pet(guests!)