Ecstatic Peace is now accepting advertising on a limited basis on our site. Though we are a record label with our own vested interests, the website itself has become a daily destination for thousands in search of quality video, imagery, and community updates.

Currently, we offer a site-wide 210x80 tile in the upper right corner. Design and video services are also available. We offer indie and non indie rates and we are very competitive. Interested parties should email us.

Notes: It is crucial to our mission that any advertisor have some realistic stake in our audience beyond the obvious commerical exploitation of their senses. Because of this, we reserve the right to refuse advertising for just about any reason. That said, there are so many good bands and labels working their asses off and we love the idea of opening up our audience to them so if you know the site and think it's a good place to advertise, it probably is.

Also, we are open to developing more creative advertising programs with the right folks so don't be afraid to ask.

Contact: Interested parties should email us.