Tall Firs

Aaron Mullan: Guitar, Vox
Dave Mies: Guitar, Vox

Too Old To Die Young
Released 3/18/08

1. So Messed Up 4:26
2. Blue in the Dark 4:05
3. Hairdo 3:33 Listen to MP3
4. Good Intentions 4:00
5. Warriors 5:04
6. Lookout 3:07
7. Loveless 2:45
8. Hippies 5:19
9. Secrets and Lies 4:30


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Too Old To Die Young LP
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Tall Firs CD
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October 12, 2011

Reverted to OG lineup of Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan. Exciting new stuff in the works.  Check out tallfirs.org

January 31, 2010

Whoops...got distracted by joining another band. The new band is called Glass Rock and has a debut on Ecstatic Peace.  Check out glassrocklife.com.

July 28, 2008

Tall Firs get interviewed by LA Record. Read it here.

Tall Firs pick talk shop with Etsy.com. Check it out here.

June 24, 2008

Your Flesh Magazine reviews Too Old To Die Young: "The Tall Firs’ ability to show their power without leaving bruises and scars is truly welcome and wonderful." read the full review here.

April 30, 2008

More reviews for Too Old To Die Young:

Whisperin' and Hollerin'


Village Voice

March 28, 2008

Tall Firs talked about some of their favorite records with Vice Magazine. Read it here.

Some reviews for Too Old to Die Young:

All Music: "Tall Firs move away from the underground electric folk of their self-titled debut and toward experimental rock, trading trippy introspection for a more fleshed-out, structured sound that still has an organic warmth in its intricate guitars and artfully shambling drums.... A rare mix of intimacy and experimentalism" read more here.

Drowned in Sound: "Very few albums are truly timeless....many of today’s most popular artists try to ape a particular period in music, most often succumb to the appeals of crystalline production and hyper-mastering and ruin any sense of mystery. However Too Old To Die Young, the sophomore full-length offering from Brooklyn, New York's Tall Firs, is a clear exception to this rule." full review here.

Gigwise: "Too Old To Die Young paints a bit of a bleak landscape sometimes but it’s the polished consideration that has gone into the material and production that make it an interesting journey in your head. And beautiful doesn’t have to be blue skies and rainbows anyhow." More here.

Organ Magazine (issue #249): "A shimmering drift, an all-the-time-in-the-world feel. Strong songs, positive emotions, invitations to drift with them. A fine album, a feel good glow, a mellow beauty, a heartily recommended release" read it here.

Read more at I Rock Cleveland, Playlouder, and Electric Voice Phenomenon.

February 8, 2008

3 tracks off Tall Fir's forthcoming Too Old To Die Young up on their myspace. Check it out.

February 7, 2008

Some words from Tall Firs......

Jan 28, 2008

Tall Firs at Zombieville this Thursday
So these guys with out-of-area cell phone numbers have this crazy idea to
put together shows in New York not of bands that people should like but
instead with bands that people actually might like. And so although we know you guys are as into esoteric and/or bizzaro music as we are, and are just as prone to staying up until 4am tearing up listening to Nigerian wedding ballads as we are (not kidding), we're playing with Hymns (who couldn't beat the press off their jock with a wiffleball bat), Holler Wild Rose (six friendly-looking dudes from Jersey) and Bottle Up and Go! who claim to only be influenced by Leadbelly. And even though I personally think the lyric is 'Borrow Love and Go' I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt until we slug it out backstage.

Jan 14, 2008

Tall Firs at Union Pool this Friday Jan 18


Knitting Factory was pretty much apeshit. Teddy Boys vs. Mods in the slam
pit. Ryan pulled a Lux Interior and climbed the PA during Surfin' Bird. LSD
casualties were dropping from the balconies and the confetti cannons were
set to Annihiliate. Can it get this crazy again this Friday? That's really
up to you. All we can do is put together another sickly killer bill and hope
you all freak.

Tall Firs with Alexa Wilding Chris Brokaw's fflashlights
Friday Jan 18
Union Pool
484 union ave Brooklyn

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tall Firs at Union Pool this Friday Dec. 21

Fellas- It's on. I'm not even sure we've played with our BFF band Awesome
Color this YEAR which is insane for us, for them, but mostly for you. I know
you're heading out of town on Saturday and I know everybody and their brother is having a Festivus party this week and I know that all you really
want is one last double shot of rock to steel your nerves before long drives
and flights. But are we content to offer you that? Hardly. We also offer an
aperitif of Paul Duncan, hailed by famous websites as being super duper.
Friday Dec. 21. Doors at 8 Paul Duncan at 9 Tall Firs 10 Awesome Color 11. $7. 484 union ave. L to Lorimer G to Metropolitan.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tall Firs in Philly Tues. Oct 23 and at Knitting Factory Fri. Oct 26
Category: Pets and Animals

Last time we were in Philadelphia we played at the First Unitarian Church,
then the three of us literally were the complete dance floor at some unknown bar, then we forced the entire tour bus to have a mobile, all-night dance party, much to the chagrin of our tour manager who actually wanted to sleep. The events of this night would only finally be clarified at the Saskatoon Denouement a week later. Ask us about it.

But guess what? Now we're back in a rented sedan and no tour manager to take care of everything for us. And again we will be in Philadelphia with an
amazing band. This time it's the Magik Markers, who I could drone on and on about but instead I'll suggest you just take my word and come to the
freaking gig. The date is Tuesday October 23 and the venue is called the
Vacuum and they have more info at: http://www.myspace.com/vacuumphilly

A few days later we play with the Markers in New York at the Knitting
Factory and I'm psyched about that one too. Why? 1. Magik Markers. 2.
Knitting Factory Main Space. 3. Friday Happy Hour showtime. If you're going to play in Manhattan, what could be a better possible time for a show? Doors are at 6:30 so we must be on at like 7:00 or 7:30. Don't even go home dudes, just come strait from work!

Hope to see you there,


Upcoming: Oct 30 Halloween Show (as the Ramones) at Glasslands, Nov 16 in

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tall Firs May/June UK/Euro Tour

Tall Firs UK/Europe Tour

We made it home safely after some awesome times with pals new and old. ATP was an insane blast. It was cool to be back on a big stage, we got spoiled for that on the Emily Haines tour in January. Ryan was a few light years upstage of me and Dave but we still threw down and hit the zone together. When our little amps we tote around are blasting through a big PA it feels pretty ruling. The rest of ATP was spent performing a second show which consisted of us staggering around in a haze of cider. Dave wondered aloud at the merch table which performance had been seen by more people.

We had warmed up in Milton Keynes where we were hosted by Don, and moved on after ATP to Canterbury where Polly put together a boss show for us but who unwisely tried to keep up with our lager intake. Again, two valiant efforts.

Alastair Brown was opening our UK shows with heavy solo acoustic sets and had gamely agreed to drive us through Europe for our dates with Shellac. It was his first time driving on the right hand side of the road, so we would call out 'Wide Left!' or 'Short Right!' for the first few hours until he got
the hang of it.

Back on the big stages for the Shellac shows was awesomeness. Although I've always dug Shellac, it had not really crossed my mind at all that our band might be similar to theirs until we were on stage opening. Three dudes set up at the front of the stage, cracking jokes between songs, alternating
between melodic and angular guitars; I dunno squint a bit and it makes
sense. Also cool is the fact that those guys are friendly and humorous
fellows. What a downer when musicians you respect turn out to be douchebags.

Our road crew of old friends left the tour in Holland having gotten a
glimpse of the scuzzy glamour of a Tall Firs tour: crowds ranging from 20 to
1000 people, bars drunk dry, and crashing on floors, borrowed beds, and on
the most decadent of nights shared 1-star hotel rooms. Thanks Spence and
Larry, tour truly is not the same without you.

We made it back to the UK and again received excellent hospitality at the
hands of our host Jason in Liverpool. Steve in London put together an
amazing show for us that we totally killed despite some setbacks which had
occurred in the prior 24 hours. One of our top shows of all time.

So thanks so much to all that made it happen, and especially to the people
who came to see our groop play and double especially to those that purchased merchandise, 'cause that's where the Diesel come from, folks. We can't wait to make it back.

Aaron Fir

Addendum from Dave Fir: My memory is usually a bit foggier than the other
two boys, so I won't rely on chronology or geography to tell my part. Maybe
that's OK though. To tell you the truth, once the lights go down and the
amps turn up, every stage looks the same, beautiful. What changes are the
people. The courtesy and concern we were privileged to on this tour was
unprecedented in my short touring history. Even though I was almost fatally
electrocuted at on venue and had my vintage guitar smashed at another
(accidentally mind you, in both instances), it seemed like we crowd surfed
through the whole tour buoyed up by the helping hands of our hosts. Alastair Brown, our opening act, served as our ambassador. He was awesome, a consummate gentleman at all times, even after something very traumatic, but humorous in retrospect, happened to him (again, an accident.) After what must have been one hell of an evening, all he said to me was "I had quite a shock last night". He even took us home to Mom's for tea and crumpets. I had a fuckin' blast. The honor of being asked to perform at ATP and get the chance to warm up three stages for Shellac was incredible. Even more so perhaps, were the smaller shows which we headlined for the most part. Much gratitude to the people knew our music and came out for us, and to the newcomers, who decided to take a chance on the out of town band. The people were so knowledgeable and energetic, I can't wait to see them again.

June 26, 2007

New Tall Firs dates! Check em out with fellow Ecstatic Peace hunks Turbo Fruits! Boom.

June 21, 2007
New review of Tall Firs' self-titled album by Dan Coxon of the UK's RocknReel. Here it is in full...

Having formed in 1990, it took Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan sixteen
years to make it into the studio to record their debut album, making
this in many ways the year's most anticipated release. They may not be
a household name, but having supported the likes of Be Your Own Pet
and Sonic Youth they do have a certain offbeat credibility about them.
If you're expecting waves of feedback and growling angst, however,
then think again. The mood of studied melancholy that pervades 'Tall
Firs' may just about support comparisons with Nirvana's 'Polly', but
it's there that any connection with the grunge scene ends. Instead
there's a hint of American folk in the acoustic guitars that lead us
through their surprisingly dense woods, and although the likes of 'Go
Whiskey' and 'Road To Ruin' are propped up by strong tunes, the songs
on their self-titled debut are generally smothered by a thick blanket
of sorrow and loss. Sometimes the sombre mood can almost be too much
to take, until it's rescued by the peaceful beauty that runs through
the album like a gurgling stream. Like the deep woods, the Tall Firs
take us to a quiet, awe-inspiring but darkly sorrowful place. By all
means visit, but take care not to get lost.

Dan Coxon

January 26, 2007

Day 0.

Tour is over for now. I have been home for 24 hours. Got off the plane to messages from work that I had fucked up and not gotten my shift covered so I went straight into bartend in hopes of covering my ass. I did. Coming into work did have a bit of buffering effect on being home. Who am I kidding? I would really like to be back on the bus with those folks right now. The whole dynamic had achieved this wonderful buoyancy that was really supportive and wholesome. It's easy to say it's because we knew the end was in sight but does that really matter? We had achieved it either way. I like that feeling. All ready I have walked around and hung with friends but the singularness of purpose feeling you get when you are on the road is what I miss.

San Francisco-Ass and titties

This was a two day affair. Our first day off. We spent most of it traveling which was actually pretty fun. We pulled into the northern outskirts of SF right at sunset which was just exquisite. Everyone scattered as soon as we pulled in to town only to reconnect back at the Hemlock to see a couple of bands. The Ian Fays totally killed it live. It was a delight to see another live band after 19 days. I was lucky enough to be whisked away from another nite on the bus by my friends from Oakland. I spent the nite at their house, then was taken on a nice tour of Oakland complete with a trip to the hills. Man what a view. I, unfortunately did not take my camera but I know there would be no way to get a good shot of the whole thing. The show that nite was filled with doubt and anger for me. Not my favorite show. I think I was anticipating the whole thing being over and was unable to get it together enough to play and forget everything. Plus as nice as the Great American Music Hall is there is something very weird about watching and smelling people eat fancy meals while they watch you play. Not necessarily something bad but it was definitely distracting. We played well but the whole thing went by in a blur for me. This was countered by Emily's set which I felt was really good and focussed. And all this was countered by the amazing dance party we had on the bus afterwards. I was re-united with a bunch of old friends who I had not seen in years. They also happened to be in emily's other band, Metric. It was such a wonderful feeling having everyone on the bus dancing to the mix Davey and Awesome Alison sent us. Good times/Great oldies. A lot could be said about this party but suffice to say we had the hookers in the Tenderloin hiking up their skirts so they could get down to the sounds that were coming from the bus. Right on.

Los Angeles-It's only two words

The El Rey Theatre on Wilshire. A very good last show. Everyone was so happy and in the groove. We had Robin Easton join us one last time for the Woods, our closing song. He rocked the dumbek. Robin was the best person to have on the tour. He kept the spirits up without resorting to falseness. He was just a genuinely excited, real, and knowledgeable dude. Technically he was Emily's roadie but every nite he checked on the Firs to make sure we had whatever we needed. Same at sound check; dude made sure things would be running smoothly so our check never got sacrificed. His support is impossible to underestimate. Plus he is a great percussionist. Thanks Robin! Our last set was ours. We played well and made a lot of eye contact as if to say this is it. This is what it's all about, playing music that we enjoy. Thanks Firs!! Emily and the Soft Skeleton's had us up for their encore one last time. Their version of the woods with strings and sans drums is so haunting and open. I love it. We left and emily closed the nite with the Neil Young cover, Expecting to Fly. The best version yet. Makes me jealous every time. I think it best to not get too poetic here and just say that I had some of the best times I have ever had making music with these people. Tall Firs are forever in the debt of the generosity of not just Emily but Jenn (tour manager) and Lana (merchandise). I know there were all kinds of goings on behind the scenes to make sure this whole thing went down and we are thankful of that as well. More than anyone I want to thank Aaron Fir and Dave Fir for being the men that they are. I am honored to make music with them. They are like brothers and have known eachother since childhood; they have always treated me the same. thanks guys. I feel like I am part of something very good when I play music and that is all there with Tall Firs.

January 22, 2007

day 18
Our first day off and we are traveling through the most beautiful northern californian/Oregonian country side. I can dig it. My mind is pretty warped and I like it just fine that way. After tonite in San Francisco we will have only two gigs left and I will be thrown back into my life as I have come to know it thus far. A part of me will not look back though. Right now I am sitting alone in the common area of the bus listening to Davey and Awesome Alison's dance mix that they had Fed-exed to us in Seattle. Right the fuck on guys. Few know how to ground you like someone from michigan can. Good googalee moogalee, that thing is juicy!

Calgary "You want a guitar that will kep you warm in a fire"

This seems like quite a while ago. Forgive me if the details are sketchy. I got to meet a good friend of mines father and he re-invigorated the magicmind I feel pre-disposed towards. Thanks Chris! This show was a little weird as it was the first to be completely not seated. Kids were still enthused and attentive but the overall feel was off kilter. I like it though it takes some getting used to having all the kids about 3 feet from your drumset in a room that holds 600. You know you are supposed to play the whole room but you can only see the people right in front and you feel strange blasting them out. Got over it pretty quickly and we had a good time before it was all over.

Edmonton-"We love you Tall Firs!"

This was a pretty big water mark show for us. The kids just loved it at this one. We played in a real globe style theater here and it was a little strange having a semi-circle of people all looking down at you. I told the people that we felt like we were delivering a lecture and asked if anyone had any questions. This solicited a bunch of questions but the one we heard was, Is Denver real? This totally blew our minds. We spent an inordinate amount of time contemplating this question until we realized that dude had asked,Is Santa real to which Dave very authoritatively responded, I added, and he lives in Denver due to the hole in the ozone layer over the north pole. This was also the night I got a Hagen-Dazs sponsorship but my contract stipulates I tell you about this in person.

Vancouver-"Though you stood on the edge of a feather."

A 16 hour bus drive later we pulled into the alley of the Commodore. Joe Reed, our bus driver, was relentless in his drive this through the Canadian Rockies no less. Makes me proud to be in his service. This show was huge (at least 700) and had a real convivial thing going. The Vancouver audience was out to party. The Commodore itself was run like a ship on the sea. Very cool place to play and people were genuinely there to have a good time. We were unable to silence this audience the way Emily finally did by the time of her encore where she did Buffalo Springfield's Expecting To Fly, solo. Such an amazing song with all these crazy time changes and lush chord voicings. She made the melody float in a way that the original is too orchestrated to achieve. In emily's hands you don't even notice all the flashy time shifts. It's just a real pretty song. Robin Easton, percussionist, roadie, and all around extraordinary good person sat in with us on the Woods. Was great to have a guest again. Our last tour with Awesome Color and Be Your Own Pet had a different guest every nite, something I surely had been missing up to this point.

Portland-"Tall Firs Fall Tour Doug Fir"

Had a real good show here and three square meals of the highest order. The Doug Fir Room is part of a hotel and cafe and all three are banging. It was cool playing to a smaller audience again too. Rolled in and Scott Minor and I sat down to the Salmon Hash and shared some really good red-eye sausage gravy. We ate and talked about how good our parents were to us as children and our pursuits in music. Scott's mom teaches music in Virginia and got her school to finance a field trip to New York so she could take her elementary school kids to see Radiohead at Radio City. Woah! Had a deep hang with Emily and we played our other bands for each other. That was really nice. It was also really nice having Joe (our bus driver) sit in on our set. Besides being the best driver he is a pilot, and has toured and recorded with Merle Haggard. Wow. We found this out and all tried at different points to arrange a way he could play with us. We found a nite that he didn't have a big drive ahead of him and made it happen.Thanks Joe.


Luxury is a cancer on adventure-Paul Jacob Dillon

Played at the Crocodile Room and had a go of it. The tedium set in a bit for me and I convinced myself the last thing I wanted to do was play a show for a bunch of folks I didn't know. As soon as we got nto the first song though I was right back. I felt like there was nothing else in the world. And for thirty-five minutes that's all there was. I guess that would be the point.In Vancouver a guy helping us load out explained it best...you play music for free, it's all the bullshit around it that you get paid for. I have always felt this way. I never have known how to charge people for my services cuz I have always done this regardless of money. A real good aspect to this whole tour has been getting back to the first impulse of why we are doing this.Music!!There are a lot of great byproducts of playing music for large audiences but that can turn on you just as quick. The real reason for all this is to express your inner life with your mates. I always feel like music allows me to show parts of myself that I have no other way of showing. How do you put a price on that?

We have only three nites left together and I can feel the heartache start all ready. It's going to be hard to say goodbye but it's not over yet.So fuck the sappy goodbyes for now.

January 16, 2007


First off let me tell you that it is cold. -12 F. I have been a few places in my life but I have never been anywhere like this. There is nothing to compare this to other than stories I have heard. We've all heard them and they seem to always come from Canadians. Someone saw a couple of native Manitobans step outside in the alley and sneak a smoke and beer break in t-shirts while standing in underneath a heating vent. Heating vent or not that is core.

It was a trip to play in the famous 9:30 club even if it was not the original. DC fills me with such nostalgia which is funny cuz I have only been there one other time in my life and that was a year ago with the Firs and we almost got in a fight with some bowl-cutted drunk self-professed bluesman. But I digress. I think the nostalgia comes from all the hardcore and post hardcore music I grew up on that came from there. It's strange to be nostalgic from something you only heard but never logistically were a part of. Scott Minor and I had a killer hang with frenz we somehow had in common in the dressing room after the show. The best part of this room was there was some custom furniture that looked as if it had beenm built by Klingons. Strange. Then we were off to...

Well, Ferndale actually. The crowd was standing for this one and it definitely made for a more lively audience. There was also a cool heckler girl in the front who helped fill the void of not having Awesome Alison (from Awesome Color) on this tour. She couldn't have been over 16 but was totally drinking a beer and harassing us to no end between songs. She was probably from Saginaw or something. She was cool man. Then Paul Dylan and I went on some wild goose chase to find his buddies bar that was "10 minutes away". With the help of a very friendly though woefully expensive cab driver we found it, spent an actual 10 minutes then got in another cab. Everyone else sang karaoke and ate hash brownies at some bar round the corner from the club. The night ended with Paul and the Firs walking around lost looking for another bar while Paul declared, "This is pure faggotry!!"

Empty Bottle presented this show at the Loyal Theater. A nice room for sure. The highlight of this night was definitely Emily Haines and the Soft Skeletons. They totally blew doors. I was in awe of the whole band's pacing and comfortableness with these arrangements. Drummer Scott has the best light touch that never wavers and his pocket is as big as Harpo Marx's. Delightful. Also having everyone dance and sing along to Dylan and The Velvet Underground at the local bar was dope as well. Dave wanted to fight some local for telling us we had a lot of nerve pretending we were working class.

Played in the most gorgeous hall last nite in Minneapolis. The Varsity Theater. Found old friends and made new ones including a fan that had just broken up with her boyfriend and then spent the 3 nites previous to our show in jail for drunken driving. She winked a lot, too. Heavy. God speed to her.

So tonight we are in this theater in Winnipeg that is attached to a hotel which is attached to a pool that has a really big slide and it's all held together buy some decor straight out of the Shining. Crazy. I am swimming with Danny and the Torrances before the nite is done. No doubt

...it is cold. -15 F now.

January 12, 2007

Day 7
January 10th
We sit in the 9:30 with the whole crew eating some scrumptious soup.
We are full on back in the states. Today is proving to be a hard one.
After a 5 am bus call we drove to Philly so Emily could do a radio show on WXPN. This translated to several very hungover and grumpy men and womens unloading at 9 am. As Awesome Color would say, "Not a good look." Slept some more then got up to load it all back up so we could drive to DC and play tonite.

More History
We have never done anything this big before.

What This Is
Seems like we are really picking up some steam and I feel a sense of that what we are doing is making it possible to continue touring and playing shows ad infinitum. If this is true it will mean we are playing in your town any day now.

Philly - Playing in the beautiful Unitarian Church. Very much enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that seemed to go with the professional and very punk rok attitude of Sean Agnew. The best dance party thus far, by far. So good that I got a nice "should've gotten stitches" cut above my eye from dancing too hard with Dave's beer bottle. Blood letting on the bus!!

Boston - Achieved the fireside chat atmosphere I have watched Emily do seemingly effortlessly in the very intimate Paradise club. Aaron's brother and fiancee were at the show which was super cool. Induced more collective bus laughter watching Chris Morris' Jam which has proven to be the most hilarious and label maker abusing dvd thus far. Need more label sticker papier.

New York - played the Hiro ballroom which was swanky-ish and oddly very nerve wracking. Always weird being home whilst on tour. Road vs. Home. Can't really settle in to either so it's better to not even try. Though there is the wonderful aspect of having your friends show out. In this case it added to my nerves on stage which is so backwards for me as my friends have a calming factor normally. I think it stems from my snobby take on this tour being too slick or something. A fact that I am now happy to report is untrue. Emily's set is very streamlined but not slick. There is a wonderful economy to her and the Soft Skeletons. Every sound seems to be working in concert with all other sounds and on several different levels simultaneously. Just like good music is supposed to. It is nice to see a band that is already very tight settle in and just get deeper.
Paul Dylan plays bass and guitar and seems to be able to do so without anyone noticing. There are so many times where I think Emily is by herself and realize that Paul has been playing bass in the most amazingly discreetly functional way.

But I digress...Emily and crew finished their NY set by having us all join them for a cover of the Woods with strings. Todor Kobakov, Emily's A/V magician whipped up a really beautiful string part for the occasion. So we got up there and played with the gang and it sounded so lush and understated with Aaron singing with Emily. Such a huge compliment.

Future - We have made so many righteous connections with the various members of the Soft Skeleton that I can see a myriad of collaborations going down. Some will definitely include having guests on our set.
Some are still unknown.

January 7, 2007

day 4.
En route to Philly. Played our best show last nite in Toronto to the best and largest audience (1200). We now officially consider ourselves the luckiest band in existence. Emily Haines and her wonderful crew have gone beyond the pale. (Thanks Jen!!)

Aaron, being savvy in the ways of bus riding has managed to avoid getting in any trouble. Something Dave and I have woefully not been able to do. Live and learn I sez. We have sold a bunch of rekkids to a bunch wrecked kids. The shows have been all ages thus far and it really makes a difference. A detail easily forgotten as a 30 yr old living in New York. Kids are, in fact, the future. They are also adorable and clingy and so desperately vulnerable it's frightening. When I was 12 I started being intimidated by 14 year old girls and oddly enough I recently discovered that I still am.

the back story
Emily asked us to open for her and the Soft Skeleton. Aaron is also manning the sound for her show which has proven to be both playful and stark, gorgeous actually. So Dave and I have done our best to help in what ever way we can, i.e. picking up heavy boxes and moving them around. We are playing the next 2 1/2 weeks opening for her at all these amazing theaters. The audience is seated which is proving to be conducive to us making good music. We have already made some big strides in our playing and people seem to really dig us.

"You're either on the bus or off the bus."
We are definitely on the bus. It's pretty much the best way to travel. Everyone is super cool and knowledgable and genuinely psyched to be doing what we are doing. There is a healthy(?) party vibe guiding the aftershow endeavors and helping everyone get to know eachother. The best aspect definately being the mutual appreciation everyone has for this James Brown dvd Steve Shelley lent us. Boston Garden the day after MLK's assasination. It has been our guiding light thus far. It has allowed me a cool way to completely geek out with Scott Minor concerning the finer points of Clyde Stubblefield and Jaybo's drumming.

The future
My impression is that our fast bond with the everyone will allow for a real adventure. You know like when your life changes a bit. We will let you know.
Ryan Fir

December 1, 2006

New Reviews + New Tour

A couple months back we sent our demo tape out to some 'zines, and even though we're still waiting for our big Maximumrocknroll spread, some local rags like Rolling Stone are starting to print some reviews. See links below.

In other news, our pal Emily Haines called on Thanksgiving Eve to offer us the opening slot on her January tour. Emily is known to some for her band Metric, to others for her involvment with Broken Social Scene, and to still others for her piano-driven Soft Skeleton project, which is awesome and with whom we will tour. We will be at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC, the El Rey in LA, and 17 other places, many in Canada. Cold goings for a dude from Texas and two from Maryland. Looks like I'll be throwing open-ice hits in pond hockey while Dave ice fishes. Ryan is on Yeti patrol.

Rolling Stone review (print edition has a picture too!)

Harp Magazine review

October 31, 2006

Hello all-

We're back safely from shredding our way up the West Coast, hanging with friends old and new, and causing trouble with Awesome Color. Any adventure that includes Dave announcing to the homophobe 7-11 clerk 'Yeah, we're all fags. We all go home and blow each other.' can be called a success in my book. Especially when dude's already handed us the 12-pack.

So things are generally looking up for us. Our record sales are up 6,922%
in Canada this week, Aquarius Records gave us a good review, and we get to rock out at Northsix on Wednesday. It's a CMJ jammer, and we play first on a bill with bands more famous than us: Baltimore electronics sensation CEX, punk/electro/party nutters Numbers, alt-folk country types the Late B.P. Helium, plus mysteries Fog and Magnolia Electric Co. We're on at 8, tickets are 15 bucks to see the whole deal.

I hope you all are doing well, more updates to follow, for the rest of your


October 30, 2006
Sick review on Aqarious.org:

This is definitely not the kind of music we ever expected to hear from
Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label. A dark and languorous folk, moody
and murky, spare sinewy guitars, barely there percussion, and a thick warped
ambience. Not that we're complaining, it just seems like the Tall Firs are a
little too melodic, and maybe not difficult enough to fit in with their
labelmates. But hell, we're always up for surprises, and this debut from the
Tall Firs was a big one. Featuring a very misleading musical pedigree
(including At The Drive In among others) the band weaves gorgeous and
delicate soundscapes of thick reverb, gently fingerpicked guitar, subtle
rhythms, from muted thumps to tinkling chimes, warbly organs and gorgeous
world weary vocals, into a totally riveting dreamlike slowcore folk. Fans of
Red Red Meat, Califone, Low and the like will be immediately smitten for
Tall Firs began way back in 1990, didn't play their first show until 2001,
and didn't record an actual album until this year. You can sort of hear the
slow burn of fifteen years emanating from each of these songs. Intense and
intensely personal, foggy and fuzzy, like sitting in a huge hall, lit only
by candlelight, flames flickering and casting ghostlike shadows, the band at
the far end of the hall, letting notes and melodies drift from the stage,
slowly filling the room with a thick hypnotic shimmer, each song a buried
memory played out in the flickering firelight like some otherworldly shadow
puppet show, acoustic guitars getting tangled up into little squalls of
mumbled buzz, the vocals slipping from a croon to a whisper, every word
dripping with some ineffable melancholia, often underpinned by bits of
harmonic dissonance or random snatches of electronic glitch or machine made
skitter. Dreamy and creepy and lovely.
psst: They also do a gorgeous Quix*o*tic cover!!

hey dudes-

We're out here in our rental Dodge Charger (think Dukes of Hazard) making our way from Lexington, KY to Pittsburgh. We've been having a blast playing every night, meeting friends old and new, and getting into trouble with Awesome Color. It turns out that if you let Awesome Allison loose in a semi-abandoned Ramada in downtown Detroit, crazy shit starts happening...andwhen you add a missing marsupial flying squirrel to the mix, things get hectic quick. Ask me about it. We've also learned some of the finer points of Cincinnati skate lingo (you wanna be Zurped, not Zorched) and where not to order a salad in Lexington, KY.

In other news, we are at Tonic tonight (wednesday). show starts at 10 and we are second. shit is gonna happen on time cause folks gotta wake up and start partying early on thursday.

see you por la noche,


Jan 26, 2007
The Tall Firs and now firmly planted on solid ground, here is their last tour update.
Jan 16, 2007
The mighty Firs are snow covered up in Canada, read all about their ultra frigid exploits here!
Oct 04, 2006

Go to Montreal tomorrow for an Ecstatic Peace takeover during POPMontreal: Black Helicopter, Tall Firs, Awesome Color, and Tam will be playing Barfly (4062A St-Laurent)

Then jet back to Brooklyn and catch Religious Knives, Thurston/Prurient, John Weise, and Wolf Eyes at the Hook on Friday October 6th at 9pm.