Turbo Fruits


Available July 17

Jonas Stein: Guitar + Vox
Max Peebles: Bass
John Eatherley: Drums

Time Out New York: “Turbo Fruits’ effortlessly tuneful swagger reminds you in a flash that rock & roll is an either-you’ve got-it-or-you-don’t endeavor. This Nashville trio includes the guitarist and drummer from teen-punk sensations Be Your Own Pet but comes across as even more fun and raucous.”

Nashville Scene: “Turbo Fruits mine the punk rock spirit of the late ‘70s for their sound, a spastic mix of spunky MC5 giddy-up and glammy, feel-good guitar mayhem. Although the scenes they invoke were long dead before any of Turbo Fruits were even born, their frantic interpretations are irrepressibly fun, like a T. Rex record skipping. It’s hard to fathom a band with so much dope-smoking innuendo in their lexicon being as busy as they are, much less as fierce and, hell, lively as they sound on their recordings.”

XLR8R: "This Be Your Own Pet offshoot makes garage-rock the way it was meant–loose and bluesy, filled with lyrics about smoking dope, and by dudes under the age of 21. Just in time for summer, the sweaty foot stomping has begun."

Music For Robots: "Admittedly more indie than modern rock, they've got that loud pop thing going on. I love it…It's really quite good, full of everything you want a rock record to be.


Feb. 27, 2008

Catch some video of Turbo Fruits playing the CMJ Fader showcase last October here.

Feb. 08, 2008

Punknews.org says of Turbo Fruits "you will almost certainly find yourself shaking your ass and singing along to the album..." more

Jan. 15, 2008

More love for Turbo Fruits....

Mike Wolf for Time Out NY: "ripping set of stoned-’70s garage rawk that, amazingly for kids born in the late ’80s, does justice to all their inspirations." more here

Prefix Mag's Eric Fitzgerald writes "Just more than a year since Be Your Own Pet released its self-titled debut album, a BYOP pet project called Turbo Fruits emerges hitting just as hard... a mixture of surf rock and Bad Brains." read the full review

Oct. 22, 2007
More praise for them Turbo Fruits. Click HERE to view HELLISCHROME'S review.

Oct. 21, 2007
Two new bangin' live clips over there in the Multimedia section...alright!

Oh, and heres a link to another Turbo Fruits clip from CMJ last week @ the Mercury Lounge.....HERE

Sept. 20, 2007
Jennifer Kelly from Popmatters.com reviews the Turbo Fruits self-titled banger...

Click HERE to check it.

Sept. 3, 2007
Turbos in the UK, check the video.

Aug 30, 2007
Culture Bully done some reviewin'....

"Turbo Fruits energy is almost the equivalent to that of early ’90s Seattle acts, one that introduced punk to a new generation and brought excitement to the mainstream."

check it here in full

Aug, 11, 2007
Matthew A. Stern, of Dusted Magazine, just got done reviewing Turbo Fruit's record. Here's a nugget of the review......

"They’re young and a little goofy, but they’re stripped-down, fried, and filthy, and they play music that’s more vital at heart than any number of ‘garage rock revival’ acts. "

Rad. Check it out in full HERE

Aug. 1, 2007
Sound the Sirens' Andrew Winistorfer has been a'munchin' on the new Turbo Fruits album and hes got somethin tuh say....."the band's music represents a youthfulness and fearlessness that not many bands can touch."

check it here

July 26, 2007
Georgia is a rad lad indeed. He snapped some sicknasty pics at the Turbo Fruits/Black Lips show at Brooklyn's Silent Barn this last weekend. Thanks Georgia! Yur the best!

click here to see those pics

Oh yea, you wanna win a heavy vaporizer dont ya? Then enter the contest and you might be the winner!


July 12, 2007
Mo' buzz bout Turbo Fruits....take a gander.

Wonka Vision's Mr. Spilker spouts...
"It’s disheveled, it’s chaos, but somehow it stays within its bounds."

TF's hometown paper, the Nashville Scene, is proud of their boys.
Read the review here

June 21, 2007
Uncut's John Mulvey is diggin' on the T. Fruits

"Total tearaway gonzoid punk ..." More

Wamp wamp! TFruits are really makin MusicforRobots git down...
"It's really quite good, full of everything you want a rock record to be."

June 18, 2007
Check the raucous new vid to yrr right! Props to the cameraman/woman, twas a warzone in there.

May 30, 2007

From the Nashville Scene:

Rock redux

We got to The End just in time on Saturday night to witness all of the bands, for better or worse. The Creeping Cruds’ horror punk set really wasn’t that memorable, particularly because their singer kept loudly demanding that everybody come to the front of the stage. Up next were Faun, who made a racket Robert Plant would’ve been proud of, even as they tossed their hair, made crazy rocker faces and generally straddled the line between Spinal Tap mockery and sincerity. The Hollywood Kills came somewhat closer to being modern, at least in the sense that they were sharply dressed and they performed with their shoes on. They were also seamlessly tight, but sometimes all that means is that you’ve practiced the same songs a thousand times.


But nothing held up in comparison to the rarified youth explosion of Turbo Fruits. During their 35-minute flash of a set, they pogo-ed around the stage with freakish abandon, beating each and every glam-punk stomp of a song quickly into submission and then laughing at it. Kids were crowd-surfing (when was the last time you saw that at The End?), various items were chucked about, and girls randomly tumbled onstage and rolled around in beer, ecstatic. Singer Jonas Stein kept it together somehow with chaos ruling both onstage and off, while drummer John Eatherly became a blurry whirl of drumsticks and curly hair, blitzing the tempo of the unrelenting spectacle. Meanwhile, some tall skinny thing called Turbo Max spazzed out sidestage, doing something akin to rioting with his bass guitar, throwing his strap off numerous times only to have cute girls spill out of the crowd to re-attach it. We’ve not seen anything quite like it in some time, maybe ever. Pretty damn phenomenal."

-Nashville Scene

Instead of taking a much needed break after releasing a debut album with their wildly popular band Be Your Own Pet and touring ‘til their faces turned blue in the past year, Jonas Stein and John Eatherly have decided to do what came naturally – start a new band and call themselves the Turbo Fruits! Tired yet? They aren’t! The Turbo Fruits have just recorded their self-titled debut album, a mix of punk, rock, blues, metal and sweaty, sweaty fun, coming out July 17th on Ecstatic Peace.

Joining Turbo Stein and Turbo John on stage for extremely limited and exclusive shows will be the mysterious Turbo Max, a bassist reportedly even skinnier than the members of BYOP.

Sept 08, 2010



8 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506 *
9 Washington DC – Black Cat Backstage *
10 Manhatten, NYC – Mercury Lounge *
11 Brooklyn, NYC – Union Hall *
12 Boston, MA – Middle East Upstairs *
14 Philadephia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie *
16 Charlottesville, VA – Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Bad Cop
20 Youngstown, OH – Lemon Grove Cafe
21 Cleveland, OH – Beach Land Tavern **
22 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall **
23 Champaign-Urbana, IL – Pygmalion Music Festival
24 Iowa City, IA – The Mill **
25 Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon **
26 Minneapolis, MN – 7th St. Entry **
28 Omaha, NE – Slowdown Front Room **
29 Lincoln, NE – 12th Street Pub
30 Kansas City, MO – The Record Bar **


1 Columbia, MO – Mojo’s
2 Bowling Green, KY (2pm) – Starry Nights Festival
2 Nashville, TN (8pm) – Next Big Nashville @ Third Man Records w/ Jacuzzi Boys


Jul 31  St. Louis:  The Underground/Red Sea    
Aug 1  Chicago:  The Compound w/Radical Sons    
Aug 7   Minneapolis:  ORGAN H--- w/Velvet Davenport    


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