Matt Krefting


Matt Krefting
"I Couldn't Love You More"

1. Sip The Wine
2. It's Gonna Be Easy
3. I Hear You Calling
4. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
5. Go Down Easy
6. John The Baptist (click for video)
7. Calvary Cross
8. Things Have Gone To Pieces
9. Comfort You
10. To Lay Me Down

Matt Krefting with additional performances by J Mascis, John
Moloney, Phil Franklin, John Townsend, Josh Burkett, Ron
Schneiderman, Jamie Jo Oltmans, Lynn Myers, and John Shaw

Produced by Matt Krefting and John Townsend
Recorded by Justin Pizzoferatto at Bank Row Studios and
by John Townsend at The Munroe Lab
Mixed by Justin Pizzoferatto, John Townsend, and Matt Krefting


I Couldn't Love You More CD
Matt Krefting
I Couldn't Love You More CD
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June 30, 2009

Matt Krefting was interviewed by Tony Rettman for Swingset.  Read a full account of their battlehug of wits here.

May 26, 2009

Shots of Matt Krefting and friends covering some Goo songs as The Goo Believers at the Sonic Youth release party for The Eternal.  Check out the personnel and look at the pretty photos here.

May 10, 2009

The Valley Advocate wrote an article about Matt Krefting, read it here.


 My "career" in music is about to enter its 13th year. Lucky 13! I've performed in at least 15 groups (probably more on the order of 20 if you count guest spots) over the years, the most prominent being the long-running "quiet music" combo Son of Earth and the short-lived-but-much hyped Believers. Historically more of an experimental man, the Believers project showcased my always right-below-the-surface interest and passion for all things rock, and so, a couple of years after the demise of that group, I was approached by Ecstatic Peace, who asked me to produce a solo record. For the better part of a year I conceptualized, recruited, and eventually came up with I Couldn't Love You More. An early attempt to marry electronics, field recordings, and song was scrapped in favor of the personal and perhaps obvious choice of producing a covers record. It was the perfect idea, the realization of a dream. Years of singing in the shower and on long car trips had given way to the stuff of fantasy. Why stick to what you know when you can reach for what you've always desired?

I asked friends to help with the realization. John Moloney, Phil Franklin, Ron Schneiderman, and Rob Thomas (all of Sunburned Hand of the Man), I've known for years. Same with J Mascis. Old friends John Shaw (who I've done more music with than anyone) and Lynn Myers provide some vocals here and there, as does my wife, Jamie Jo Oltmans. The Wild Card here is John Townsend. Andrew Kesin of Ecstatic Peace introduced me to him, and he was a jack-of-all-trades. He plays on most of the tracks, sometimes exclusively, and co-produced. I chose songs from all over the map, from Rick Danko to John Martyn to the great Bill Fay. Not exactly lightweights, and quite intimidating when their full historical weight is taken into account. However, I attacked each piece with the intensity of one who truly loves these songs. I didn't concern myself with being overly arty or inventive in my interpretations (there are no truly radical re-workings of anything here), instead allowing my own emotional investment in the material to guide me and inform the other players. These are songs of love and longing. The themes are eternal. It's an honor to have had the chance to play them. Enjoy the music.

Matt Krefting, December 2008


Son of Earth Improvements Album Release Show
Fri 7/17 @ Market Hotel
1142 Myrtle Ave @ Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
Metal Mountains
Son of Earth
Spectre Folk