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October 23, 2009

More love for Future Slip:

"[...]a beautiful landscape of sound where Lubelski's subdued vocals paint the picturesque views of everything that is beautiful in this life." - Sonic Dissonance

"Glowing, soothing, easy, mellow, sunny..." - Organ Magazine

October 1, 2009

Samara (w/ Helen Rush and Pete Nolan) is doing an in studio performance today on WNYU at 5pm.  Listen online here.

"Future Slip cleverly punctuates simple songs with intentionally destructive arrangements; the songs battle with themselves, leaving Lubelski either as a passive reciter of monotone melodies or, more sumptuously, singing with beauty when given the space." - Quietus

September 11, 2009

wears the trousers on Future Slip: "‘Empire’s Dream’ is straight out of the same gilded pocketbook as the second Gentle Waves album, Swansong For You, with the Vaseline-smeared, cloud-headed vocals and the way in which the drums skip in and out. But where Campbell’s lyrics could sometimes be a little plain, Lubelski’s are aloof and mysterious, so that the seeming naiveté of the music is beautifully counterpointed by the complexity of the words without overpowering or stifling the overall vibe."  Read more.

From Aquarius: "It's nearly impossible not to be ensorcelled by Samara Lubelski's mystical voice. She possesses that rare human instrument that is both otherworldly, and warm and familiar, easily seducing the listener after only a few seconds. Had she been born decades earlier, she most likely would have been musical comrades with sixties chanteuses like Francoise Hardy, Joyce, Brigitte Fontaine, Jane Birkin, etc.
Future Slip finds her in top form with lush instrumentation creating the most perfect daydream backdrop for her beautiful vocal delivery. With Thurston Moore in the producer's chair (returning the favor for all the great playing Samara did on his solo outing Trees Outside The Academy). And it's really important to note that Samara isn't just a lady with a gorgeous voice, she's also such an accomplished musician with a wonderful knack for smart and sizzling song construction. A lot of Future Slip brings us to those more mellow Stereolab moments or when Latetitia Sadier records as Monade. Lubelski also finds kindred spirits in folks like Juana Molina and we have a feeling that Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album in the works with Beck writing and arranging could become the perfect companion piece for this record. Future Slip sways and swirls with such ease and lingers with such a nice soft psychedelic shimmer."

August 14th, 2009

Raven Sings the Blues: "It seems that Lubelski's gorgeous pop records are often overlooked or worse yet written off for their easy charm, and soft delivery. Don't be fooled by the smooth taste though, Lubelski's talent is more than apparent on Future Slip and perhaps your Sunday mornings have been lacking a record such as this more than you could have ever known." Read more.

 July 29, 2009

The folks over at Electronic Voice Phenomenon dig love, but none of that sitcom junk: "Lubelski is a master of mixing the best of pop mores into her bubbling brew of mild psychedelia, with just a hint of folk. Her ideal of Future Slip has nothing to do with make-believe love but rather good music that deserves to be loved by you." Read more.

Large Hearted Boy has "Evolution Flow," a track off Future Slip, available for your listening pleasure.  Check it out.


All dates w/ KUUPUU:
11/14-Lisboa, MUSEU DO CHIADO
11/15-Madrid, TANNED TIN
11/16-Tolouse, TBA
11/17-Geneve, CAVE12
11/18-Paris, TBA
11/19-Krefeld, UNROCK
11/20-Amsterdam, OCCII
11/22-Darmstadt, OETINGER VILLA  w/Inca Ore
11/23-Copenhagen, ESCHO
11/24-Gothenburg, KOLONI
11/25-Oslo, BLA
11/26-Stockholm, TBA
11/28-Tallinn, VON KRAHL
11/29-Tampere, TELAKKA
11/30-Helsinki, SEMIFINAL
12/02-Malmo, INKONST
12/03-Bremen, DIE FRIESE
12/04-Aalst, NETWERK
12/05-Dudingen, BAD BONN