White Out

Tom Surgal
Lin Culbertson
Jim O'Rourke
Thurston Moore


Winter Special: The White Out Trilogy
White Out
Winter Special: The White Out Trilogy
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Red Shift
White Out
Red Shift
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Senso 2xCD
White Out w/ O'Rourke and Moore
Senso 2xCD
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Drunken Little Mass CD
White Out with Jim O'Rourke
Drunken Little Mass CD
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Here is an interview for sonic dissonance

The Wire
Senso embodies an understanding of sound that we now take for granted, but which has in fact been created by these players as much as anyone. The idea that the liberating sprit of the free-est jazz and the out-est rock can be combined with the soundwork strategies of electroacoustics may be de rigeur in 2009, but it has seldom been better demonstarted than this.
Bruce Russell

"A record that requires – nay, demands – your attention.
With Jim O’Rourke’s gurgling synths and Moore’s abused guitars swirling around the duo’s motley array of autoharps, analogue tricks and ghostly percussion, the four have created soundtrack that is part the hopeless burbling of a lost satellite and part the claustrophobia of mental collapse... That you actually feel compelled to make return visits to so disturbing a place is testament to White Out’s four-headed, magnetic mind."

...all that improv rock should be—coherent, communal, sustained, extrover, "action music" in which a sort of levitation is achieved that lifts both group and audience.

"Hardly an easy listen, and littered with blasts of volcanic white noise and tectonic washes of feedback, in several places all four nonetheless manage to establish a deep grove that somehow succeeds as both primal punk release and profoundly psychedelic stimulant."

"What hits home is the sheer mobility of it all, the playing is never static or repetitive, always remaining fluid but never strays out of focus."

"It’s a certain kind of layered chaos that does not rely on feedback’d violence to relay it’s message. With the warm tones of the two synths, the excellent manipulation of sounds that go from R2D2 squalls to soft reeds, the disc starts off sounding like the Arkestra on a particularly bent night. After about twelve minutes, Moore’s guitar really starts to dominate but his playing is still spare."

"In fact it’s an incredible piece of art-rock improvisation that may well be more in tune with the experiences and beliefs of the players who have interpreted it so well. It is also loaded with feelings of loss and loneliness; it has an emotional heart, it has humanity; that one can relate to. "

"No Wave contemporary improvised jazz that’s challenging and rather enjoyable without really pulling up any new trees or opening any new wounds or doing any of those abrasive thing you kind of expect from things like this. Soothing noise that breathes with elegant restraint."


Friday, December 18, 2009
Bardo Pond 8:45pm
White Out with Thurston Moore 7:45pm
158 Bleecker Street, NYC  10012 $10
Phone:      212 505 FISH (3474)
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