Dead Machines


Dead Machines is the Ypsilanti lovecore of Tovah O'Rourke (Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice, Golden Calves Money Band) and John Olson (Wolf Eyes, Sweepers, Violent Ramp). Human Brain Wasting Syndrome is two sides of sick-bliss junk machine improv counterplaying a feminized Black Vomit vibe with a gonad butter dish of bohunk.
Oct 04, 2006

Go to Montreal tomorrow for an Ecstatic Peace takeover during POPMontreal: Black Helicopter, Tall Firs, Awesome Color, and Tam will be playing Barfly (4062A St-Laurent)

Then jet back to Brooklyn and catch Religious Knives, Thurston/Prurient, John Weise, and Wolf Eyes at the Hook on Friday October 6th at 9pm.



Photos of Dead Machinces by Bill T Miller at No Fun Fest 2005 and at the Esprit D'Cor Gallery on March 16, 2005.



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"Wolf Eyes"
"Wolf Eyes"
"Wolf Eyes"
"Dead Machines"