Carlos Giffoni: Guitar, Electronics
Roger Rimada:
Drums, Electronics
Nancy Garcia:
Guitar, Electronics, Vox


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June 23, 2008

Music is Art interviews Monotract. Read it here.

July 31st
Monotract is number one 1 on WNYU chart/july 31st

July 30th
Noiseweek digs Monotract!

July 1st
with heathen shame and lanundry roon squelchers
at Tonic, NYC

August 5
Monotract xprmntl lvrs ecstatic peace cd release party
with Mouthus, Monotract,Magik Markers + more tba.
at The Hook in brooklyn www.the for other info

Interview with Adam Strohm for Pipeline Zine:

Monotract are a three-piece musical unit from Miami, Florida, whose ever-growing musical palette is an unpredictable mix of "traditional" guitar and drum experimentation and forays into electronic music and sampling. In short, they seem to have no qualms about using almost any fruit that falls out of the musical cornucopia and squashing it until it fits their needs. Add that willingness to experiment to their open-minded and positive attitude about music, and you've got a three-headed, noise-making monster, the nature of whose fiery breath is as hard to forecast as that meteorite that the movies say will someday kill us all.

Adam: How did the group begin? What sparked the formation of Monotract?

Nancy:Two friends moved to Atlanta (who me and Roger played with as monotract), and we'd met Carlos through them. Me and Roger played duo for a little bit, and we wanted a third party. We thought of Carlos and it worked out.
Carlos: I moved to Miami a little over 4 years ago from venezuela for school and started to look into interesting music things going on, I'd been doing band stuff back there since I was 16, and I found about churchill's(where rat bastard does a thursday experimental night) and I met Dino and vanessa who did fukktron and were also in monotract at the time, I saw the original monotract which played really good and interesting structured songs live a couple of times; and played bass in fukktron a couple of times before they moved to Atlanta. then nancy and roger asked me to jam it out at a rehearsal space and we ended up putting that material into a 7", playing every other thursday at churchills and going on tour, and doing another 7", etc...and well, it all happen[ed] by itself pretty much.
Roger: Nancy and Carlos have given an apt description.

Adam: What do you see as the things that the three of you have in common, other than a certain aesthetic? What keeps you on the "same page" musically?

Nancy: We've got an interest in learning, in eating fried chicken, having a good time... Musically, we're about the same age so we grew up liking alot of the same music.
Carlos: Yeah...and interest in interesting things, in the arts and the sounds...and we all grew up getting yelled at in spanish.
Roger: An unsaid desire to make up new sounds, get crunked up and see the world. I think seeing the world is a big thing for all of us.

Adam: Hispanic noise bands surely aren't the norm. How do you think your heritage has affected the music you make?

Nancy: It hasn't affected the music we make; more so, the way we speak and communicate. I think when things around you are obvious, and you're creative, you look for the corners to creep in.
Carlos: Yeah I think it doesnt have much of an effect on the music we do...I grew up being unable to dance to merengue and salsa at parties, and though I am obviously affected personally by the culture, and music is very personal, that's not the place where we are coming from musically, It just doesnt come out that way when we do our thing.
Roger: We can all shake it dirty on the dance floor and I think that contributes to a certain rhythm within us, within us. I think if it has any affect it's another one of those unsaid things. Besides, I think the world community that is happening has increasingly allowed for Hispanic noise bands not to be the norm so much anymore just cuz more people are finding out that they've probably always existed.


Wednesday, July 23rd
Cake Shop (NYC)
152 Ludlow (between Stanton and Rivington)
w/ MYTY KONKEROR, La Otracina


Bill T Miller has taken some sweet snaps of Monotract at No Fun 2005 and at the Midway Cafe August 9, 2005.
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