with The Golden Road

Barn Nova Out October 13!

1. Feelin' Fine
2. Get Right Church
3. Snapperhead
4. Summer Magic
5. Wandering Nomad
6. Bedroom Eyes
7. Fully Tanked
8. You Feel

Matt Valentine: guitars, harmonica, vocal
Erika Elder: electric firebird mandolin, lap steel, vocal

Doc Dunn: pedal steel, rhythm guitar, vocal, drums
Mike Smith: Rickenbacker 4001, vocal
J Mascis: drums, guitar, plate reverb
Jeremy Earl: vocal, drums
Justin Pizzoferrato: percussion, space echo, bank

Produced By Matt Valentine

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed by Justin at Bank Row & Bisquiteen
Additional Recording, Mixing, Engineering by MV at Maximum Arousal Farm


Barn Nova LP
MV/EE with The Golden Road
Barn Nova LP
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MV/EE with The Golden Road
Winter Special: MV+EE times 3 plus T
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Barn Nova CD
MV/EE with The Golden Road
Barn Nova CD
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Gettin' Gone CD
MV/EE with The Golden Road
Gettin' Gone CD
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Green Blues CD
MV/EE with The Bummer Road
Green Blues CD
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October 23, 2009

More posi Barn Nova reviews:

"The album feels dense, but at only 42 minutes is actually blissfully brief, and I think a lot of listeners will find themselves coming back to this record for as long as they long for warm summer evenings on cold winter nights." - PopMatters

"It’s a killer, it’s a Masterpiece Killer." - Strangeglue

October 16, 2009

Dusted reviews Barn Nova: ""The herb and the everyone’s-an-artist spirit remain, but -- thankfully -- it’s encapsulated in an appreciation for the last 40 years of rebellious music."  Read more.

October 9, 2009

Arthur Magazine posted up the opening track on Barn Nova here.

Largehearted Boy has another here.

October 1, 2009

Raven Sings the Blues has two free samples off Barn NovaGo get 'em.

July 29, 2009

MV+EE get a mention in this nice musing on Neil Young's citizenship by Alexandra Molotkow over at The Walrus Magazine's The Haulout blog.  Read it here then google "honey slides" for the 15-minute meal recipe Rachel Ray is sleeping on.

Parasites and Sycophants disseminate some Barn Nova info here.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon are already stoked for Oct. 13th's Barn Nova: "Chances are--and we like to speak for everybody because that's what webzines do--you will find that your collection won't be complete without Barn Nova. Rightfully so."  Read more.

July 27, 2009

Waylon Hatchet: "Barn Nova marks the return of 'Spectrasound,' MV's production technique that places tones dancing all around the stereo sound field: it has to be heard to be believed. This effect is all the more impressive that the majority of it was created recording live, rather than conjured through studio post-production during mixing. Especially potent on the A side-ending stomp 'Summer Magic' where Erika's economical leads go head-to-head with J's on a particularly mind-blowing live-in-studio effort; It brings to mind the vibe of 'Green Blues', 'Mother Of Thousands' and even an electric 'Moon Jook' with matured songwriting."  Read more.

June 9, 2009

Some nice live footage of MV+EE's recent Casbah show surfaced on YouTube courtesy of Ayal Senior.  Check it out in the multimedia column.

June 23, 2008

Underground Bee has some nice shots from MV+EE's show at the Empty Bottle. Have a look here.  

May 23, 2008

Delusions of Adequacy reviews Gettin' Gone: "Matt Valentine and Erika Elder, along with their backing band, have crafted a raw, sweet, and at times poignant record." read it here

February 27, 2008

More on Gettin' Gone

Parasites and Sycophants: "In truth, Getting Gone is desert driving music, whether that be literal or psychic."

Teh Surf: "Put it on and let it roll and roll and roll."

Check out cool photo from the Trowbridge show at Rotten Meats.

January 15, 2008

More good words for Gettin' Gone...

From Bryon Hayes at Foxy Digitalis: "...a true Americana that is rooted solely in good vibes...It seems that MV and EE are steering their ship away from astral folk territory and entering country-rock waters. Of course, they haven’t abandoned their roots, but have traversed further down the creative path, and are exploring musical ideas that seem natural." get at it here

Dusted Magazine's Ethan Covey writes "Ultimately, Gettin’ Gone’s greatest achievement is that it’s a ’70s record that couldn’t have been made 30 years ago, needing instead the nourishment of decades of fellow travellers’ tunes. It’s an adult rock ’n’ roll record about getting high, finding love, playing music and living the country life." more here

Harp Magazine: "Soaring pedal steels and meaty slabs of electric guitar create a broad aesthetic that is instantly evocative of America and its varied geographical landscapes." read it here

Gettin' Gone graced some year end lists for 2007:

Beyond Robson

Sonic Troubador

Foxy Digitalis ("Hammer" and "Susquehanna (Sole Art Trample)" both got Best Song mentions in their Year End 2007 feature)

October 19, 2007

Gettin' Gone love.

Ravensingstheblues: MV&EE

july 27, 2007
Much obliged Hype Machine.

Lovely praises of MV + EE and the Golden Road's Gettin' Gone.
"The duo are on the fast track to being the next alt-folkers to gain a large grassroots following by taking a bit of old-tyme and mixing it with new age aesthetics. Gettin' Gone seems to be no different."
Click Here

Jan 12, 2007

Weekend Jams courtesy of ABC and Shine-Ola

Friday at the Unitarian Meetinghouse in Amherst

Portland, Maine's sweetest haze, Visitations -- the sawblades of Asa Irons (Feathers, Witch and Embalmed by Vastness) -- knuckle-busting guitar improvisations of KG Fields -- and the shimmering, plaintive songs of NYC 's Diane Cluck!

& Saturday at the Eagles Nest, Northampton

a full jug ofgreen/blue spectra from MV&EE with the Bummer Road -- the duotic circuit (t)ripping of TRAP (which is Tarp w/ Bob Fay (sebadoh) on the mettle & skin) --cult ululations of Jow Jow the Death Knell Rung -- heavy stereo petting of Greg Davis -- and the Awesome Color bi-product, Bi-Sexual Genghis Khan.

Nov 05, 2006

Arthur magazine has an interesting anti war compilation out with submissions from (among others) Feathers, Devendra Barnhart, and our own beloved MV+EE who did a stunning version of Neil Young's Powderfinger.

Download Powderfinger (mp3)

Buy Compilation from Arthur

Sept 20, 2006
MV + EE with the Bummer Road are releasing one amazing record on Ecstatic Peace soon. So amazing in fact that we needed Byron to break it down for thurston in this 13 minute tribute critique jamm bull tongue style
Green Blues w/ B+T
(19 MB Quicktime)



Aug 14 2010      2:00P
    WaterFallArts @ Kingdom Falls     Montville, ME     

Aug 21 2010     8:00P
    CCA     glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 22 2010     7:00P
    The Vicarage     Bradford, West Yorks, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 24 2010     8:00P
    The Harley     Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 25 2010     8:00P
    norwegian church     Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 27 2010     8:00P
    taylor john's house     coventry, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 28 2010     12:00P
    barn nova tent at shambala     northamptonshire, northampto, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 29 2010     6:00P
    barn nova tent     northamptonshire, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 30 2010     8:00P
    cafe oto     London, dalston, UNITED KINGDOM     

Aug 31 2010     8:00P
    miss peapod's     penryn, cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM     

Sep 1 2010     8:00P
    miss peapod's     penryn, cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM     

Sep 2 2010     8:00P
    the phoenix     Exeter, UNITED KINGDOM     

Sep 10 2010     6:00P     copenhagen, DENMARK     

Sep 20 2010     6:00P
    helderberg house     albany, NY     

Sep 21 2010     8:00P
    flywheel arts     easthampton, MA     

Sep 22 2010     8:00P
    the temple     jamaica plain, MA     

Sep 23 2010     8:00P
    AS 220     providence, ri


8/15/09 - Dubious Liftings (Greenfield, MA)
MV & EE 8.15.09 Dubious Liftings V Greenfield, MA
5/21/09 @ The Casbah
MV & EE with The Golden Road 'Hammer-Weather', 5.21.09, The Casbah, Hamilton, ON
11/07/2007 @ Hemlock Tavern
Gone Video Preview

Live @ ATP 2006 X-Mess

Green Blues w/ B+T
September 8, 2006(19 MB)

click to play video
"College Girls Gone Wild"
"Dredd Foole + MV"
"College Girls Gone Wild"