day trip maryanne captures the collaboration between legendary sound sculptor MaryanneAmacher and experimental guitarist Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. The 30 minute long film grew out of acollaborative film/video project between Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Andrew Kesin exploring thework of several important women in experimental music. That project tentatively entitled "OtherWomen" sought to bring the work of these accomplished and often overlooked women to the surfacethrough a combination of live footage and intimate interviews. While a release date for the full-length documentaryremains elusive, footage collected for "Other Women" will be on display at the HER NOISE exhibition held byAnne Hilde Neset and Lina Lina Dzuverovic-Russell of The Wire and Electra productions.

As it stands now, there are no plans to publicly release daytrip maryanne. It was shown in some festivals in 2005 and further screenings will be considered on a case by case basis. I would like to thank Maryanne for sharing with uson that fall day. Her unfailing commitment to sonic exploration is truly inspiring. - Andrew Kesin, February 2005

International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands January 2005
HANDCLAPS at Garage stralsund berlin, germany July 2005
PAUZE FESTIVAL in association with (K-RAA-K)3 Gent, Belgium October 2005
HER NOISE, South London Gallery, London, U.K. October 2005

Video Clips

clip from daytrip maryanne

follow up interview with thurston

clip from Tonic performance