Magik Markers

Elisa Ambrogio: Guitar, Vox
Pete Nolan: Drums

Honorary member forever
Leah Quimby: Bass (no longer touring or recording)

US booking
Jonathan Frye at Uncle Booking
Tel: (713)688-4854


Magik Markers
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Feb 8, 2008

Boss is up for a Plug award, go vote for it here.

Jan 15, 2008

More press for BOSS....

Tiny Mix Tapes: Paul Haney writes "So many bands have forgotten how to make a song in a traditional format sound dangerous, and for those who need some sense of everlasting rebellion in their sonics, Boss has everything they’ve been wishing for in spades…one of the very few pop records in recent memory to engage its audience in something profound and challenging" check the full review here

Thomas Bell writes for The Spacelab: "This album is one that makes you hopeful for the future of rock. It is demented and disturbing and also beautiful and unpredictable." read more

Drowned in Sound's Samuel Strang says "the Connecticut noise merchants put on an uncharacteristic performance riddled with poignant half-cut confessions that verge close to convention seeping in to their familiarly deformed avant-garde brutality as nine blunt bullet blows." more here

Lost at Sea: Dan Weiss "creeps along like one long feedback-swollen hymn, always noising up denser and denser but rarely exploding into punk or anything you could describe as a wall of something. It rather gorgeously hums low and disturbing, hiding in the grass like some kind of jungle cat. You know its there, you see the yellow glow of its eyes, but the entirety of the beast is camouflaged in shrouds of thickery." read it

More reviews:

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2007 Year End list action:

Pitchfork Top 100 tracks

Tiny Mix Tapes 25 favorite albums

Foxy Digitalis (mention for Best Album and Best song for "Bad Dream/Hartford’s Beat Suite")

Good Heads top 10 Beast of 2007

Tears and Mayonnaise top 20 albums

This is How We Balk on the Moon favorite songs of 2007

Oct 4, 2007
Spectacular press for BOSS... Check em'.

Paste Magazine: Andrew Earlies offers..."the Magik Markers are exactly what rock needs: something more challenging and miles away from the pedestrian pretentiousness and brainless rehashing of many modern-day groups." Full article HERE

Zach Baron of the Village Voice says, "Boss, their new record on Ecstatic Peace, is queasy and claustrophobic and unsettling; it’s also one of the year’s best." Full article HERE --- Full interview HERE

Aug 12, 2007
New Tour Dates posted!

Aug 2, 2007
Marker's new video for "Taste", by Heidi Diehl,up on Pitchfork.


July 4th, 2007

On the cd that comes with the June/July issue of McSweeney's The Believer the Markers have a weird version of Body Rot from the Ranaldo Sessions.

link for the believer: HERE!

March 06, 2007

The Magik Markers kickoff their March tour with a huge show in Brooklyn this Thursday March 8th


Magik Markers
Bark Haze ------> Thurston Moore + Gown
Dan Deacon
AMOLVACY --> Dave NNCK + Aaron Volcano The Bear


Eye Contact --> Matt Heyner (NNCK) & Matt Lavelle
White Suns
Ryan Sawyer --> mem Stars Like Fleas & Tall Firs

staggered sets, nobody plays at the same time, so you can see everybody!
djs Slender Satellite (aka Slim Moon) & Casey Block (from Eat Records)

at: SILENT BARN aka Raven's Den aka Club Krib
915 Wyckoff Ave @ Hancock | Ridgewood/Bushwick, QNS/BKLYN
L-Halsey or M-Myrtle/Wyckoff | 8pm | all ages |

........and their complete tour dates

3-9 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda‘s
3-10 - Washington, DC - Warehouse Next Door
3-11 - Chapel Hill, NC - Night Light
3-12 - Greenville, SC - Horizon Records
3-13 - Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn
3-14 - New Orleans, LA - Hi Ho Lounge
3-16 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk (Ecstatic Peace SXSW showcase)
3-18 - Houston, TX - Proletariat
3-19 - Shreveport, LA - Cooper Manor
3-21 - Nashville, TN - Ruby Green
3-22 - Louisville, KY - The Butcher Block
3-23 - Newport, KY - Southgate House
3-24 - Detroit, MI - Bohemian National Home
3-25 - Cleveland, OH - Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland
3-26 - Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Artworks

Nov 14, 2006

New addition to FRIENDS OF PEACE in the store today from the Not Not Fun Label:

Magik Markers
Feel The Crayon LP

Nov 14, 2006

transmission from pete nolan:

Ecstatic Peace Dudes,

Just got back from Castellon.. Spent the last 5 days and nights and whatever trapped in various airports, lounges, hotels, bars, theatre lobbies, publik fountains, with Nate and Brian from Mouthus, all for one show at 4 am in a tiny town in southeast spain... It was fucking killer... festival was weird as shit... huge old rennaisance theatre... kind of place where lincoln might have to watch his back... Chasney and Corsano threw down most brutal set of School of the flower type haino songwriter jams I've seen... weirdness had a strange and forceful logic.. corsano showered the stage with pots and pan lids... beautiful.. ... kind of harsh waiting for our set the next night so Chasney took us out to a awesome metal bar called Nasgul... nice breath of Lord of the rings style evil to clear the lobes of indie oppressive randomness of the fest.. When we finally took the stage at 3 am it was by wicked brooding then crashing storm... Elisa and I wove the otherly elements of our set around the ancient theatre like a dark cloud and then came crashing down with our still forming songs.... pulled off best version of "can't kill luck" yet... Mouthus sounded like some kind of organic atari 2600 digit beasts dripping real goat blood from their vacuous mouths... a very heavy set the plowed the room down.. at one point nate switched from electric drums to just a tom and snare and a metal turntable discus which sounded amazing... That dude is my favorite drummer around today... at the end of their set Chazny joined them for a totally retarded version of Neil Youngs "welfare mothers make better lovers" ... afterwords had a killer party in corsano's room where Dave Grubbs said he'd make me a colonel in Kentucky.. I was so stoked I gave him a copy of I trust my guitar... "

Anyway... Give our best to Western Mass... and thanks for carrying "future crayon" on your site... I'm super into how nnf turned that one out!

Oct 06, 2006

Magik Markers East Coast live:
10/26 Brooklyn, NY-Northsix w/ Suishou No Fune and PeeEssEye
10/27 Middletown, CT-Wesleyan University
10/28 Bridgeport, CT- Black Rock Arts Center w/ John Zorn
10/29 Northampton,MA

Thee Scarcity of Tanks West Coast live:
10/06 San Francisco, CA -Peacock Lounge: with magic band, bulbs
10/07 Woodland, CA-OP MAX FREE fest
10/09 Eugene, OR - DIVA with Neglected REceptors
10/10 Portland, OR -Valenties with Ghosting
10/11 Portland, OR -Routture with Smegma, Grouper, Health
10/12 Seattle, WA -SS Marie Antionette with Spider Trio (Wally shoup!!!)



Some recent shots in Canada and Brooklyn by the rad Liz Clayton. Here.

Click Here for the complete Multimedia diary of the Fall brawl tour of 2005. Tons of video, images, insanity.

Photos by Bill T MIller
click to play video
"Magik Markers-somewhere in europe??"
"Mascis Markers"
"Magik Markers-Abbey Lounge"
"Magik Markers-Hampshire"
"Fall Brawl Finale"
"Magik Markers-Pearl St."
"Magik Markers-Tonic"
"Magik Markers-Flywheel"
"Magik Markers-Wilder Cats"
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