Oct 04, 2011
This Thursday
October 6 at Elevens (140 pleasant street)

Burnt Hills

Barn Owl

Potion (II)

dj sets by jake meginksy/bill nace

Burnt Hills will be playing FIRST promptly at 10 30.......

Sept 29, 2011

TONITE Thursday Sept 29 music at 10 30 sharp

Elevens (140 Pleasant Street Northampton MA)

Steve Gunn/John Truscinski duo

Joshua Burkett

Sam Gas Can

dj sets by bill nace and jake meginsky

Sept 08, 2011
Tonite Thursday
Sept 8th at Elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

(shervin fatehi/brett robinson duo)


(film show)

dj sets by bill nace/jake meginsky

music at 10 30
July 18, 2011
July 21 at Elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

Keith Fullerton Whitman/Bill Nace duo
Vapor Gourds
George Myers

dj set by andy crespo and chris dooley

music will start at 10 15 SHARP

June 14, 2011

June 16th at Elevens (140 Pleasant Street Northampton MA)  

Rebecca Gates (spinanes/sub pop)
Mirror/Dash (Thurston Moore/Kim Gordon duo)
White Limousine (cooper, vrysen, goddard)

dj sets by Jake Megninsky


Friday June 17th at Montague Bookmill
Kieran Lally
Berebere Superstar
Plan D


June 02, 2011

Matteah Baim

June 2nd, 2011

Doors 7:30 PM Starts 8:30 PM

Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

April 13, 2011

Thurston is curating the Stone in April. Some amazing women:

 4/16 Saturday (JI)
8 pm
Meg Baird solo
Meg Baird solo (voice, guitar)

10 pm
Tara Burke (voice, instruments) Mary Lattimore (harp) Helena Espvall (cello)

4/17 Sunday (YT)
8 pm
Helen Rush
Helen Rush (voice, guitar) with guest(s)

10 pm
Samara Lubelski & Marcia Basset duo
Samara Lubelski (violin, guitar) Marcia Basset (voice)

4/19 Tuesday (YT)
8 pm

10 pm
Sewer Goddess
Pleasure Corpse, Quetzalcoatl, MZE

4/20 Wednesday (CB)
8 pm
Kyle Clyde
Kyle Clyde

10 pm
Ikue Mori
Ikue Mori (electronics) Skuli Sverisson (bass) Jim Black (drums)

4/21 Thursday (JM)
8 pm
Okkyung Lee
Okkyung Lee (cello)

10 pm
U.S. Girls
U.S. Girls

4/22 Friday (JC)
8 pm
Horse Bladder
Horse Bladder

10 pm
Schurt Kwitters
Jess Goddard (electronics)

4/23 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Kim Gordon with Guest(s)
Kim Gordon (bass, voice)

10 pm
Talk Normal
Sarah Register (guitar, voice) Andrya Ambro (drums)

4/24 Sunday (CL)
8 pm
Jaiko Suzuki

10 pm
Paul & Maurey
Ashley Paul (sax) Sakiko Mori (instruments)

4/26 Tuesday (CL)
8 pm
Roe Enney
Rachelle (voice, guitar)

10 pm
Lala Harrison Ryan (vocals, flute, synthesizer, percussion)

4/27 Wednesday (CB)
8 pm
Jenny Graf Sheppard
Jenny Graf Sheppard (voice, guitar)

10 pm

4/28 Thursday (JM)
8 pm
MV Carbon
MV Carbon (electric cello)

10 pm
Lin Culbertson with Marina Rosenfeld & Andrea Parkins
Lin Culbertson, Marina Rosenfeld (electronics) Andrea Parkins (accordion,

4/29 Friday (DS)
8 pm
K.mical micoco
K.mical micoco

10 pm
Nancy Garcia
Nancy Garcia (guitar)

4/30 Saturday (JI)
8 pm
Kate Biggar
Kate Biggar (voice, guitar)

10 pm
Elisa Ambrogio
Elisa Ambrogio (voice, guitar)

April 06, 2011

Thursday April 7

there is a very special evening at the great feeding tube record store in northampton. 4 fantastic acts, each of which is worth a drive from anywhere:

michael morley / c spencer yeh / meg clixby trio
dylan nyoukis / id m theft able / angela sawyer trio
dredd foole / chris corsano duo
matt krefting solo

matt has an all new set, dredd & chris are always pushing the envelopes of invention, dylan/able/sawyer will be doing unmagineable vocals shenangians & the morley/yeh/clixby trio will take everything in new weird directions. it's possible/hopeful that things will be able to start before 10, but i suggest checking the feeding tube site for details & calling for info.
you do not want to miss this. i swear. on graves. honest.

March 28, 2011
March 28th at Pleasant Street Theater
9pm     $10

Open Mouth Presents

No Deposit No Return Blues    
by KC Bull  (director in attendance)

plus a reading by Byron Coley
and music from Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Bill Nace   

“On recess from her job as a primary school teacher in Oakland, California, KC Bull has recently been touring with her illuminating documentary No Deposit, No Return Blues, a sensitively assembled homage to her father, the pioneering psychedelic folk musician, Sandy Bull. Active from 1950 until his death in 2001, Bull’s legendary performances, blending elements of American folk with jazz, classical, Indian and Arabic-influenced modes, and later rock n’ roll, made him a cult hero to a generation of musicians and artists, many of who, including the likes of “clown activist” Wavy Gravy and Nubian musician Hamza El Din, are seen here paying their respects.

Bull’s eclectic borrowings transcended conventional ideas of what an instrument could, or indeed should, sound like – no one had ever thought of playing a scenic cantata on a five string banjo (Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana”) before, much less a bossa nova on an electric oud (Luis Bonfa’s “Manha De Carnaval”). And while the film depicts his early career, zooming around with Hunter S. Thompson, as maybe a little regretful (despite a clutch of classic albums released on Vanguard, including Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo and Inventions), it’s also clear that Bull’s peripheral position offered him space to gestate and experiment.” – Dazed & Confused Magazine



at Flying Object (42 West Street Hadley MA)

Join us at 8 pm on April 3rd for the inauguration of LOOT, a monthly performance series featuring one writer and one musician in an evening of aural delight.

Performances begin at 8 pm SHARP
$3-$6 sliding scale, all money goes to artists.

Dan Hoy lives in Brooklyn, NY. His recent collections include Omegachurch (Solar Luxuriance, 2010), Polaroid (Wrath of Dynasty, 2010), and Glory Hole (Mal-O-Mar, 2009, published with Jon Leon's The Hot Tub). He previously co-edited SOFT TARGETS (2006-2007), a magazine of art, literature, and philosophy, and his personal site is www.thepinupstakes.com.

Dan Ireton / Dredd Foole was born Camden, NJ 1950. Became interested in blues, raga and folk through AM radio in the Winter of 1960. Played in various beat, freakbeat and pre-psych R&B combos around Asbury Park and also in the grange halls. His first major booking was at the Moorestown Grange with The Colonials. Later went on to the popular and explosive units The Notions (1963) and The Nobles (1964) before leading the radical controversial combo Love's Signs Denounced, his "big one" in the psychedelic beat idiom until The Din over 20 years later. Has since been playing all the major underground clubs around the New England Scene.

March 24, 2011

Saturday March 26th

Wally Shoup-Thurston Moore-Greg Kelley-Chris Corsano Quartet
plus Paul Flaherty-Bill Nace Duo

43 Main St
Easthampton, MA
7:30 doors

March 23, 2011
March 24th at Elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

David Watson/Ignaz Schick duo

Northampton Wools (Thurston Moore/Bill Nace) w/Jake Meginsky

Erin Schneider/Matt Newman duo

dj sets by bill nace and jake megisnky

doors at 9
music at 10 15
March 04, 2011


Friday march 4, 2011
pa's lounge - somerville, mass
Franklin's Mint
Hush Arbors
Bill Nace & Keith Whitman duo

Saturday march 5, 2011
the ox and the oh - biddeford, maine
Franklin's Mint
Hush Arbors
Bill Nace solo

March 01, 2011
Thursday, march 3rd
at elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

Gmackrr + andrea jane cornell
idm theftable
gastric lavage
Ben Hersey

guest dj set by Matt Krefting
music will start around 10 15
Feb 24, 2011
TONITE February 24th
at Elevens (140 Pleasant St. Northampton Ma)

M Ax Noi Mach
Two Prong
Beneficial Nemetoad

(J Mascis --Guitar, John Moloney--Drums, Justin Pizzoferrato---Bass)

Dj sets by Bill Nace, Jeff Hartford, Jake Meginksy

Beneficial Nemetoad will be first...round 10 15.

Feb 15, 2011

February 17th at Elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma) 10PM

George Myers
Vic Rawlings/Mike Bullock/Bertrand Gauguet trio
Anthro Rex

Guest dj sets by Joshua Vrysen


friday feb 18, 2011 - 9pm
-marcia bassett & samara lubelski (duo)
-hush arbors (electric set- keith wood, jason ajemian, john moloney)
-tracey trance

feeding tube records
90 king street
northampton, mass 01060

saturday feb 19, 2011 - 9pm
-hush arbors (electric set - keith wood, jason ajemian, john moloney)
-jason ajemian
-helado negro

union pool
484 union ave - union & meeker
williamsburg, brooklyn

Feb 10, 2011

Go to Elevens tonight, but then check out this lineup of instores at FEEEDING TUBE:

Instore Shows start at 9pm - please bring money for touring bands

Feb 12th - Steve Gunn / John Truscinski, Tom Carter, Northampton Wools, Dredd Foole

Feb 17th - Mysterious Show!

Feb 18th - Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski, Tracey Trance, Taterbug

Feb 25th - Happy Jawbone Family Band, Bunwinkies...
Feb 08, 2011

February 9, 2011 at Flywheel in Easthampton 8pm $6

Hush Arbors

the primary musical project of singer-songwriter/guitarist, Keith Wood. His music sees traditional folk merged with elements of country and psychedelic music. Along with releasing solo material he is also a touring member of Current 93 and Voice of the Seven Thunders. He has toured with and worked with musicians including Current 93, Six Organs of Admittance, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Jack Rose, Wooden Wand and Voice of the Seven Woods.


"Ajemian (Chicago Underground Trio, Lay All Over It, Born Heller) is a bassist of indefinable sophistication. His sound, whether pizzicato or arco, is rich, flexible and commanding, albeit supportive and facilitating to the creative output of his musicians. Throughout the entire disc there is an overriding sense of community heard within. The communicative spirit of the performers leads to an intriguing listening experience, overflowing with warmth."


hard grit, booze nucleus, headless turkey

Hush Arbors returns to America after a 4 year London vacation strapped with guitar and songs.


Feb 10th at Elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

Century Plants
(albany duo..eric hardiman..proprietor of the tape drift label..and ray hare...who also performs solo as fossils from the sun and at age 17 was lead singer of classic dc hardcore band DEADLINE (they stole yr youth!!))

Matt Krefting solo
 (believers, son of earth, rubber leather, matt krefting band, dead girls party, dakin squad butt fire, beefmaster jones, shackamaxon, black triangle)

Colorgaurd (kryssi from heaven people)

dj sets by J ake M eginsky
                 J ohn  M oloney

doors at 9
music at 10 15 (plenty of time to see TARP at flywheel and shoot over to elevens)

Feb 04, 2011

Friday Feb 4, 2011 Tonight @ Feeding Tube Records, Northampton 9 PM

Andrea-Jane Cornell and Emilie Mouchous
The French/Quebecoise duo of Andrea-Jane Cornell and Emilie Mouchous (Gmackrr, Vagina Bison) weaves a radiophonic, circuit-bent, electro-acoustic mask of organic and synthetic improvisation. Past and future collaborations with Id M Theft Able, Crank Sturgeon and Aaron Rosenblum, as well as performances at X Fest (MA) and Frantasia (ME) prove sympathetic resonance with New England/Acadian New Sounds.

White Limousine and Impatient Truck Plus Special Guest
Cooper, Goddard, Vrysen
, elegance and transshipment.

Son of Earth
Somehow continues, still hoping you will have an interesting experience listening to their latest record, "Improvements" (Amish) or maybe just forget they're even playing right in front of you. 

Jan 27, 2011

Samara and friends hittin the trail...

Metal Mountains (Opening for Woods/Ducktails) - Feb 4th - Monster Island Basement - NYC

Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett Duo  - Feb 18th - Feeding Tube Records - Northampton, MA

Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett Duo - Feb 19th - PA'S Lounge - Boston, MA

Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett Duo -  Feb. 21st - Casa del Popolo - Montreal, CA

Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett Duo -  Feb 22nd - Zebulon - NYC

Metal Mountains (Record Release Show) - March 3rd - Secret Project Robot - NYC

Solo (Opening for God Speed You...) - March 18th- Church of St. Paul the Apostle - NYC

Metal Mountains - March 20th - The Stone - NYC

Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett Duo - March 29th - A/V Night at LMAK Series - NYC

Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett Duo April 17th - The Stone - NYC


Jan 21, 2011
Friday, January 21 · 8:30pm - 11:30pm

Diamond Junction Bowling Lanes

1446 North Main Street

$9!!! Dig it!

--- NORTHAMPTON WOOLS (B. Nace + T. Moore w/ C. Corsano)
--- BIG KIDS (Brattleboro is rad. Here's your proof)

Jan 20, 2011
TONITE----January 20
Elevens 140 pleasant street northampton ma

Throat (members of yellow tears)
Diagram:A/Bill Nace duo

doors at 9 music at 10

dj sets by bill nace and john moloney
Jan 10, 2011
HUSH ARBORS/JASON AJEMIAN "Two of us riding nowhere tour 2011


10th - Greenville, Nc @ The Tipsy Teapot
409 Evans St # B

11th - Greensboro, Nc @ CFBG
1300 South Chapman Street

12th - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight
405 1/2 West Rosemary Street

13th - Asheville NC @ Harvest Records
415 Haywood Road

14th - Boone, NC @ 641 rpm
641 King St.

16th - Columbia, SC @ 701 Art Space

17th - Greenville, SC @ The Handlebar
304 E. Stone Ave.

19th - Charleston Sc @ Tin Roof
1117 Magnolia Road

20th - Savannah, GA @ The Jinx
127 West Congress Street

21st - Atlanta, Ga @ Wonder Root w/king kingregation

22nd - Knoxville, Tn @ Pilot Light
106 East Jackson Avenue

25th - Columbia Mo@ Mojo’s w/Jerusalem & the Starbaskets
1013 Park Avenue

26th - St Louis, Mo @ APOP Records
2831 Cherokee Street

27th - Lafayette, IN @ The Black Sparrow
223 Main St

28th - Louisville, KY @ The Cave

29th -Chicago, IL @ Ruben’s Palace w/Jerusalem & the Starbaskets

30th -Milwaukee, WI @ The Cactus Club w/Cave & Catacombs
2496 South Wentworth Ave


1st -Ypsilanti, MI @ Cafe Ollie w/Fred Thomas
42 East Cross Street

2nd - Buffalo, NY @ The Vault
700 Main St

3rd - Guelph, ON -TBA
4th - Toronto, ON -Burn down the capital
5th - TBA
6th - Quebec City @ TBA
7th - Montreal, QC @ Casa del Popolo
4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

9th - Northampton, MA @ The Flywheel
43 Main Street

11th - Boston, MA @ TBA

12th - Kittery, Me @ Buoy Gallery
2 Government St.

13th- Phily, PA- TBA

19th -Brooklyn, Ny @ Union Pool
900 Lorimer St

Jan 05, 2011



Thursday, Jan 6 at elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

Kieran Lally
Egg Eggs

doors at 9 music at 10

dj sets by jake meginksy/bill nace/rayla shawanda


Some great stuff to start the new year at Flywheel:


Wednesday, January 5, 2011
7:00PM    $7
--->  THE DISASTER MARCH  (Record Release Show! punk rock with 2 singers) http://www.myspace.com/thedisastermarchMA
--->  GREAT LAKES  (Pop Punk from Boston) http://www.myspace.com/greatlakesma
--->  A SHADOW OF A DOUBT  (Dissonant Punks) http://www.myspace.com/maxernst413

Thursday, January 6, 2011

7:00PM    $6

--->  SNAKEBRAID  (visual and sound artist Christopher Kline is part of Wooden Veil and is travelling from Berlin. Come and check out his unique performance!) http://www.myspace.com/snakebraid

--->  OWLHEAD, WOODEN MAN  (Shon from Big Blood and Wooden Veil performs an esoteric adventure) http://www.myspace.com/dustera

--->  HORSE SPIRIT PENETRATES  (Will and Kieran are gonna rock!) http://www.myspace.com/horsespiritpenetrates

Friday, January 7, 2011

8:00PM    $5

--->  TWO TENTS  (a turbulent sea of rock'n roll and noise!) http://www.myspace.com/twotents

--->  ALOTTLE  (sounds like a neighbor-waking orgy of rock cliches inside of a convent made out of the blackest licorice) http://www.myspace.com/alottle

--->  KOMONDOR  (think Venom covering Captain Beefheart) http://www.myspace.com/komondorband

--->  KATAHDIN  (Riff Salad!) http://www.myspace.com/katahdin08

 + + + + Four bands with but one thing in common; A knack for murdering your aural sensibilities with some of the finest sonic sojourns in the northeast.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

8:00PM (sharp!)    $6

--->  SPOUSE  (intertwining layers of bass and guitar-driven melodies over tight, emphatic drums) http://www.spousemusic.com

--->  THE FAWNS  (songs to listen to music by. Your new best friends.) http://www.thefawns.com

--->  THE CAVEMEN GO  (writing and performing with an attitude that great songs matter) http://www.thecavemengo.com

--->  MATT SILBERSTEIN  (punchy, melodic power pop with a country/folk lilt)

 + + + + Four magnificent pop groups perform at THE GREAT CD MIX-UP (DISC 3). You bring in a homemade mix CD and take another one home.


Dec 30, 2010

Tickets still available for this ATP New Years Event with Sonic Youth!

 Tonights the night!
december 30th 2010 at elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

angels in america
conrad capistran (in celebration of his new solo LP on manhand)
kim guillotine

doors at 9 music at 10

dj sets by jake meginksy/jeremy pisani/bill nace

Dec 17, 2010

Elaine Kahn is doing some readin'

--December 17th at meat gum (45 Fort Hill Terrace, northampton) 7pm

street fangs


---December 19th at flying object ( 42 West St, hadley ma) 6pm

readings given by Lily Brown, Julia Cohen, Cynthia King

Dec 13, 2010
Dec 16th at elevens (140 pleasant street northampton ma)

Mary Lattimore (harp)        Thurston Moore (electric guitar)
Samara Lubelski (violin)     Bill Nace (electric guitar)       4tet

Joshua Burkett

Jake Meginsky

Black Triangle (Matt Krefting/John Moloney)

plus djs

doors at 9
music at 10
Dec 13, 2010
RIP Enrique Morente
Nov 29, 2010

DEC 1st @ APE Gallery Northampton, MA (8 pm, $6-10):

MISSOULA OBLONGATA performs their new play CLAMLUMP.

opening will be BEN HERSEY


DEC 2nd (THURS) - NACENITE continues at ELEVENS 140 Pleasant St,
Northampton, MA:

Noah Anthony (Social Junk)
Zack Kouns
David B Russell
Noise Nomads
+DJ Snackattack
DJs @ 9
Bands @ 10
FRI DEC 3rd @ 6PM-8PM:
VICTOR SIGNORE: Transmutations opening. sculptural works from one of our awesome neighbors.  show runs from DEC3 - DEC20.  check it out!
FRI DEC 3rd 12pm-5pm.  Sat Dec. 4th 10pm-5pm.  Sun Dec. 5th 12pm-5pm. EASTHAMPTON OPEN STUDIOS featuring the studio of:
JOSHUA VRYSEN (drawings, booklets ..new! Wheel of Doom/We Love Doom #0) and
ANGELA ZAMMARELLI (drawings, paintings, collages, soft sculptures,
plush creatures, + one-of-a-kind ornaments for the holidays, & fabric
by the yard & nice buttons)

DEC 9 (THURS) ELEVENS 140 Pleasant St, Northampton, MA:
Chaw Mank
Twig Harper
Marcia Bassett
+dj sets by Meginsky, Nace, Pisani
DJs @ 9
Bands @ 10
FRI DEC 10th @ GREY MATTER BOOKS 47 east st hadley, ma (7PM-10PM, FREE):
We Are The Multitudes: A Film & Video
Nov 14, 2010

11/16/10 @ Flywheel (43 Main St, Easthampton, MA), $6, 8 pm:

Soft Landing is Paul Collins and Perrin Cloutier from Beirut, along with a third musician, doing acoustic guitar/synth/percussion Tropicalia-ish inspired music.

Taboo is deep, dirty and effed-up. Taboo from Troy, Maine. HELP!

and to round out this very odd bill, we have a couple of hilltown oddballs, the Astral Plane Junkies, hucksters in the eternal theater of sound.


 11/22/10 @ Media Mansion (145 South St, Noho), $5, 9 pm:

Unicorn Hard-On

God Willing

George Myers

Great Drought