Turbo Fruits Volcano Contest!

The Contest
Listen to the Turbo Fruits song Volcano and count how many times Jonas says the word "Volcano." Send in your entry. One suave & lucky individual will be randomly picked from among all correct entries to win a genuine Storz & Bickel VOLCANO vaporizer.

This German-manufactured electromechanical hot-air apparatus has been called "the BMW of bongs," and was the inspiration for the Turbo Fruits song of the same name!

The Rules
Winner will be picked on September 12, 2007. Must be over 18 years old to win Volcano. If under-18 winner picked, s/he will be awarded the cash equivalent - $540. Members of Turbo Fruits and their families are ineligible to enter.

The Entry Form

Date of Birth
E-Mail Address
How many times does Jonas say the word "Volcano" in the Turbo Fruits song "Volcano"?

Turbo Fruits Release Dates
Full Length Album out:
North America - July 17
UK - August 6
Belgium / The Netherlands / Luxembourg - September
Other democratic countries - write to your legislators and request that they legalize Turbo Fruits!

Limited edition Volcano 7" vinyl single out in England on July 30.

US Label: Ecstatic Peace    UK Label: Ark recordings

Vaporization System

Each Kit includes;
1 pc. Volcano Classic hot air generator
5 pc. Easy Valve ballons
1 pc. filling chamber with cap
1 pc. normal screen set
1 pc. air filter set
1 pc. liquid pad
1 pc. cleaning brush
1 pc. grinder
1 pc. operating manual
Retail Value: $539.00 USD

Health Benefits: Due to the sub-combustion temperatures, the vaporizer user is not exposed to the same level of pollutants and cancer-causing agents as smoking, e.g., carbon monoxide and other combustion by-products. The reduction of toxic combustion by-products makes the Volcano an alternative delivery system with rapid onset and an efficient extraction of active ingredients. -- The Surgeon General

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